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Frequently Asked Questions About Child Custody

When is my child declared independent?

How much influence does my child have in custody declaration?

What if the wife is pregnant at the time of separation and divorce?

Does a homo-sexual parent have equal rights to custody?

Can custody rights change?

Who normally gets physical custody?

Does there need to be custody agreements?

Can a non-parent obtain custody of my child?

How is child custody jurisdiction established?

When is the right time to tell my child about the divorce?

Can my child be used as a witness in court?

Befor the custodial arrangments are set, should I ask my child with whom he/she would want to live ?

How long does the child custody evaluation process take?

What is the typical judicial attitude towards custody?

What are parent's attitudes towards custody?

After divorce, how do the majority of parents react to custody arrangements?

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