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This is a web site devoted to connecting you to the most valuable and comprehensive divorce related information on the internet. You will find helpful and supportive information about divorce, child custody, child support, visitation, modifications, separation, alimony - spousal support, divorce laws, statutes and much more. We hope you find what you are looking for!

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 Featured Products & Services
The Divorce Source Book Store: These books are written by Divorce Professionals who share their expertise at a fraction of the hourly fee you ordinarily would pay.

Instant Download Center: We have created our user friendly Download Center for quick and easy access to divorce forms, quality books, articles and other divorce related products.

The Research Center: The "Research Center" provides access to thousands of divorce related articles, case law, case analysis, and web pages. This is the first time and the only place that divorce research information of this magnitude has been this easily accessible by the public.

State Specific Guidebooks & DIVORCE FORMS: These guidebooks are selectively chosen in order to provide the following but not limited to: State Divorce Forms, Explanation of State Laws, Uncontested & Contested Divorce, Grounds for Divorce, Property Division, Alimony, Child Support, Custody & Visitation , Court Procedures, Separation & Annulment, and Divorce Forms on Computer Disk (and/or CD-ROM) are available with state guidebooks!

State Specific Prepared Divorce Forms: In five easy steps you will receive completed state-specific divorce forms, a copy of blank forms, comprehensive easy to understand filing instructions and much more!

State Specific Separation Agreements: These agreements address issues like, the division of property, the division of debt(s), the marital home (if any), and much more. It is very important to protect yourself and have all the necessary issues stated in writing.

State Specific Parenting Agreements: The parenting agreements are in downloadable format and address over 30+ issues relating to child custody and parenting situations.

State Specific Software for Establishing Temporary Orders for Custody/Visitation/Child support Temporary orders are easy to establish, recommended by the court, and provide the rights that the parents and the child(ren) both need and deserve. Please keep in mind that temporary orders can cure a current problem as well as prevent one.

Custody/Visitation/Child Support Modifications: Software with the documents and instructions to successfully modify or amend your current arrangements or orders.

Child Support Calculation Reports: For a very reasonable fee you can order a comprehensive Child Support Calculation Report which is specific to your state and is constructed around pertinent information you provide. Child support issues can have severe financial impact on everyone involved.

Parent/Child Psychological Evaluation: Is your child OK? Find out and save your child from the pain of divorce. This evaluation will give you the confidence and knowledge you need!

Mandatory On-line Parenting Class (court approved):By partnering with "Positive Parenting Through Divorce", we make completing your state mandatory parenting class fast and easy.

The Divorce Record Keeper: This is a must have resource to have a successful divorce. Your lawyer will tell you to document everything and this resource will train you how to effectively do this by staying organized. The bottom line is you do not have proof in court unless it is documented!

How to Hire the Right Divorce Lawyer: Many people believe that any lawyer can and will protect them from the potential nightmare of a domestic lawsuit. In reality, the lawyer can become part of the nightmare instead. You owe it to yourself-and your kids-to hire the best lawyer possible.

What Your Divorce Lawyer Probably Won't Tell You: An average call to a lawyer to ask a question or two will cost you $50.00. This book will answer hundreds of questions you did not even know you had for just a small fraction of the cost. This book will help prevent you from saying..."I wish I would have known". Wishing in divorce can become rather expensive, which is why this book will help leave you with zero regrets.

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