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    Divorce Books for Women

    The Women's Rights Manual for Divorce (2004 Edition) - Ships in 24 hours!
    Every man or woman you will ever meet that complains about his or her divorce settlement nine times out of ten did not prepare properly. These people relied on advice from friends, relatives, and their lawyer. If only they had taken the time to educate themselves. It is as if they went into battle without an army. Do not let this be you!
    Divorce Source/ Hardcover
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    The Mother's Child Custody Handbook (2005 Edition) - Ships in 24 hours!
    This book will focus on the rights each mother and child has under certain laws, situations, and circumstances, and how child custody will typically be decided by the court or through out-of-court negotiation and settlement.
    Divorce Source/ Hardcover
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    Year 2005 Child Custody Strategies for Women - Ships in 24 hours
    Two of America's most famous custody specialists have used their 30 years of training and experience to put together a book of custody strategies that a mother can easily put into action.
    Barry Bricklin, Ph.D. & Gail Elliot, Ph.D./ Hardcover
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    How to Hire the Right Divorce Lawyer - Ships in 24 hours!
    Protect yourself from becoming a victim of the courts and your spouse. This book supplies the knowledge you'll need to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of available lawyers and then pick the right one for you.
    Divorce Source/ Hardcover
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    Fairshare Divorce for Women - Ships in 24 hours
    The first book that gives women the support and guidance they need to safeguard their marital assets. Too often women find themselves at a disadvantage when their marriage ends and they have to fight for what is rightfully theirs.
    Kathleen Miller, CFP, MBA/ Paperback
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    Why Men Leave? What Went Wrong? - Ships in 24 hours
    After a relationship ends-whether it's a twenty-year marriage or a promising romance that proves to be disappointingly fleeting-women ask this question, again and again. They ask themselves, their girlfriends, their therapists.
    Brenda Shoshanna Ph.D./ Paperback
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    The Divorce Record Keeper - Ships in 24 hours!
    This book will become your best friend during your divorce. Whether you have children or not, this resource will enable you to keep track and record everything about your divorce from start to finish in a easy to reference fashion. Every divorce lawyer will tell you that it is a must to document everything!
    Divorce Source/ Hardcover
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    Survival Manual for Women - Ships in 24 hours
    A woman in the midst of divorce faces many questions. About how to find legal help ... What to expect in the courtroom ... What her rights are aregarding common property ... Questions about retirement and insurance benefits...and much more!
    Edwin Schilling III & Carol Ann Wilson/ Paperback
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    The Property Division Handbook - Ships in 24 hours
    The goal of this book is to make sure you understand what is considered marital property, so you are well aware of what you are entitled to. Do yourself the financial favor and read this book! The consequences of not understanding and finding out when it is too late can be financially and emotionally devastating!
    Divorce Source/ Hardcover
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    Pension Rights at Divorce - Ships in 24 hours
    This book presents basic information about the pension rights of women upon divorce. It is meant to answer the questions women going through divorce most frequently ask about pensions. The book is aimed at divorcing women because they have been more likely than men to lose out on retirement benefits after a marriage ends.
    Pension Rights Center/ Paperback
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    Single Again - Ships in 24 hours
    Each year millions of women are divorced. This book gathers together the pragmatic and collective wisdom of both experts and those who have lived through this life-altering experience.
    Victoria Jaycox/ Hardcover
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    Divorce First Aid - Ships in 24 hours
    This book is an easy-to read, practical book that dispenses common-sense advice for divorce situations.
    Webster Watnik/ Paperback
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    Divorce War! 50 Strategies Every Woman Needs to Know to Win - Ships in 24 hours
    Attorney Bradley A. Pistotnik reveals fifty tactics you can use to win a larger share of the divorce pie, including how to assess your husband's net worth, find hidden assets, challenge a prenuptial agreement, avoid the pitfalls of alimony clauses, and more.
    Bradley A. Pistotnik, Esq./ Paperback
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    What Every Woman Needs to Know About Divorce & Custody - Ships in 24 hours
    The first and only book of its kind-a complete insider's guide filled with crucial advice from judges, lawyers, therapists, and mothers who have gone through this challenging legal process. It is designed for women at every stage of divorce, and covers a wide range of legal strategies, as well as financial and psychological issues.
    Gayle Rosenwald Smith, J.D. & Sally Abrahms/ Paperback
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    Surviving Separation and Divorce: A Woman's Guide to Making It Through the First Year - Ships in 24 hours
    In the first weeks following a marital separation, many women are forced to drastically change the course of their lives. Emotionally drained, physically weak from stress and fatigue, they must first learn to get up and get their act together--fast--to support their children, and then to restart their lives.
    Loriann Hoff Oberlin/Paperback
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    The Verbally Abusive Relationship - Ships in 24 hours
    Almost everyone has heard of or knows someone who is part of a verbally abusive relationship - if they're not involved in one themselves. In The Verbally Abusive Relationship, you'll find validation and understanding - it's not "all in your head" - and encouragement for your efforts to change the situation.
    Patricia Evans/ Paperback
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    Taking the High Road: How to Cope with Your Ex-Husband - Ships in 24 hours
    No matter how big a jerk your ex is, you can make your relationship "child-friendly." Nailah Shami, a seasoned veteran of the divorce wars, has been through it all, and she's got stories, strategies, self-affirming rituals, and sanity-saving advice for keeping it together when coping with an exasperating ex.
    Nailah Shami/ Paperback
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    The Domestic Violence Sourcebook - Ships in 24 hours
    This newly revised second edition of The Domestic Violence Sourcebook provides information on welfare reform and its impact on victims of domestic violence; information on how corporate America and other agencies are helping; additional safety tips; and updated resource and Internet lists.
    Dawn Bradley Berry/ Paperback
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    365 Positive Strategies for Single Parenting - Ships in 24 hours
    This book will help you answer the many questions and handle the complicated issues of single parenting with children of any age. You can become more efficient and prepared for the unexpected while creating a family with important values, strength, and love.
    Susan B. Brown, Ph.D. - Monica Simmons, M.ed./ Paperback
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    Perfect Partners: Should You Stay or Should You Leave? - Ships in 24 hours
    Understand Your Marriage...Understand Your Divorce...
    Understand Your Relationship! Separating is a very difficult decision and this resource will bring to your attention the key influential factors that will help you and/or your spouse determine your future.
    Carolyn Huff/ Paperback
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    Learning to Leave: A Woman's Guide - Ships in 24 hours
    When divorce is the only way out, this is the book you need to have--divorce counselor Lynett Triere's lifesaving guide through your time of greatest stress.
    Lynette Triere with Richard Peacock/Paperback
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    The Newly Divorced Book of Protocol: How to be Civil When You Hate Their Guts - Ships in 24 hours
    What are the realities of child custody and caring for our kids? How do we also care for ourselves? How do we make sure we'll collect support money when it's due? In short, this book is an encyclopedia of practical, no-nonsense advice for successfully dealing with divorce problems.
    Gloria Lintermans/Hardback
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    Fighting for Your Marriage - Ships in 24 hours
    As featured on 20/20, 48 Hours, and the Oprah Winfrey Show, Fighting for Your marriage presents the widely respected and research-tested PREP(tm) (Preventing and Relationship Enhancement Program) approach to improving marriage.
    Howard markman, Scott Stanley & Susan Blumberg/ Hardcover
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    New Confidence for Women (Video) - Ships in 24 hours
    A step-by-step guide that addresses many of the problem situations every woman is confronted with sooner or later in life. Now with this video, you can be prepared to handle them.
    Cindy Williams/ Video VHS
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    Women & Their Children Who Survived Divorce - Ships in 24 hours
    This book provides a fundamental understanding of the emotional, financial, and physical turmoil that surrounds a divorce form a woman's perspective.
    Janet Gosch/ Paperback
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    The Handbook for the Newly Divorced - Ships in 24 hours
    This Handbook for the Newly Divorced is designed and written for the newly divorced who previously may not have played a key role in managing the family's finances. We hope that each article will answer many of your questions and help you feel more comfortable and confident in making your own financial decisions.
    ABA Family Law Section/ Paperback
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    Your Pocket Divorce Guide - Ships in 24 hours
    An easy-reading book of information, lists, and definitions written for the stressed-out reader. An uncommonly wise and practical book packed with essential information for anyone considering divorce. It should be required reading for all!
    Linda C. Senn/ Paperback
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    Divorce: Common Sense Handbook - Ships in 24 hours
    Anyone contemplating divorce can benefit from the wisdom and advice gathered from others who have experienced the process of getting unmarried. Learn from their mistakes, without paying the price yourself.
    Judy Colbert/ Paperback
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    A Lasting Promise - Ships in 24 hours
    Do you want to have a really great marriage? Most people do, but they don't know what steps to take that will make a difference. No book like this will give you all the answers, but we believe you'll find this one full of practical ideas you can put to use in your marriage.
    Scott Stanely, Daniel Trathan & Savanna McCain/ Paperback
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    The Divorce Handbook - Ships in 24 hours
    In this new and fully revised edition, specialist in family law James T. Friedman covers, in an easy-to-use question-and-answer format, all the issues involved in negotiating a separation and divorce--how to choose a lawyer; how to arrange child custody, support, and visitation; how to prevent financial hide-and-seek; what to expect of the divorce proceedings themselves; and what to do if the divorce goes to trial.
    James T. Friedman. J.D./ Paperback
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    Mom's House, Dad's House: Making Two Homes for Your Child - Ships in 24 hours
    Can children flourish in any custody situation? If their parents read Mom's House, Dad's House, the answer is a resounding "yes" This unique groundbreaking classic, which has become the standard for two generations of parents, is again breaking new ground-revised, updated, and expanded with examples, self-tests, checklists, and guidelines.
    Isolina Ricci, Ph.D./ Paperback
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    Links for Women

  • Divorced Woman Magazine The first magazine devoted entirley to the divorced woman. The magazine is new and the premier issue will arrive shortly. Take a glance and get on the pre-subscription mailing list.

  • Women's Resources at University of North Carolina A good site of resources in all kinds of categories. This site is carefully organized and maintained by the students and faculty.

  • Mom's Homepage simply a basic mom's guide!

  • Women Resources Links: a massive site of resources for women with a feminist touch.

  • MOM-LAC: MOMs Living Apart from their Children - A good resource for non-custodial mothers which includes info on a news group.

  • Single Mother's By Choice Homepage

  • Sole Mothers International: encouragement and support for single parent families

  • Single Rose: Resource for Single Mothers.

  • Single Parenting Association If you are a single parent, visit this site for great articles and ideas about rearing your child.

  • Voices of Women On-line An Internet magazine focusing on a wide variety of female issues, including a large search tool for sites throughout the world wide web.

  • Keirsey Temperament Sorter Understand your spouse's or ex-spouse's temperament, and make your divorce much easier on yourself and your child(ren).

  • Singles Trying to Meet Other Singles An overview of the divorce population and a few interesting tips on how to start a post divorce relationship.

  • Mother's Without Custody Here are some more Non-Custodial Moms/Parents sites, full of valuable information:

  • Divorce Financial Workheet This information sheet will serve as a valuable asset whether assisting you in the preparation of your case or for your personal record keeping.

  • The Second Wives Club Dedicated to all "Second Wives" and "Step-moms" seeking information, friendship with other "Second Wives" and Step-moms, and support.

  • International Catholic Divorce Support Group

  • Info on how to subscribe to the Non-Custodial Mom's News/Support Group Please send an e-mail message to the list maintainer at:
    Leave the subject line blank and write : subscribe noncust-moms

  • Women at the Well Welcome, Women At The Well is a nonprofit organization that works to mentor and educate women and their children. We provide a quarterly newsletter called "Welspring" that contains articles on health, latest news on politics, issues women face in family court.

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