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    The Property Division Handbook - Ships in 24 hours
    The goal of this book is to make sure you understand what is considered marital property, so you are well aware of what you are entitled to. Do yourself the financial favor and read this book! The consequences of not understanding and finding out when it is too late can be financially and emotionally devastating!
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    Pension Rights at Divorce - Ships in 24 hours
    This book presents basic information about the pension rights of women upon divorce. It is meant to answer the questions women going through divorce most frequently ask about pensions. The book is aimed at divorcing women because they have been more likely than men to lose out on retirement benefits after a marriage ends.
    Pension Appraisers, Inc./ Hardcover
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    Divorce & Money - Ships in 24 hours
    This book is a practical guide to evaluating assets during divorce. It explains how to determine the real value of marital property including houses, businesses, retirement plans and investments and how to negotiate a settlement that is fair to both sides.
    Violet Woodhouse, CFP & Victoria F. Collins, CFP/ Paperback
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    Tax Aspects of Divorce - Ships in 24 hours
    The book has proven to be invaluable to people experiencing divorce or separation. It is a thorough reference for every Internal Revenue Code Section that is likely to be encountered in the divorce process.
    Larry, J. Kasper, CPA/ Paperback
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    Fairshare Divorce for Women - Ships in 24 hours
    The first book that gives women the support and guidance they need to safeguard their marital assets. Too often women find themselves at a disadvantage when their marriage ends and they have to fight for what is rightfully theirs.
    Kathleen Miller, CFP, MBA/ Paperback
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    Divorce Strategy: Tactics for a Civil Financial Divorce - Ships in 24 hours
    It gives you the tools and information you need to plan and manage your financial divorce. It explains what most lawyers either won't take the time to tell you or don't want you to know. The methods and tactics described in this book will help you take control so you can reduce, and in some cases eliminate, the financial consequences of your divorce.
    Laura Johnson/ Paperback
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    The Divorce Decisions Workbook - Ships in 24 hours
    Divorce is a time of grief, a time when people have trouble thinking clearly. This book will be of great practical assistance to those struggling through these muddy emotional waters.
    Margorie L. Engel & Diana D. Gould/ Paperback
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    The Dollars and Sense of Divorce - Ships in 24 hours
    From financial pitfalls to emotional bombshells, from inside tips to points in dealing with the legal system, this book is the ultimate guide to what happens in divorce and how to navigate the system successfully.
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    Debt Free: The National Bankruptcy Kit - Ships in 24 hours
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    Financial Self-Confidence for the Suddenly Single - Ships in 24 hours
    When you're suddenly single, the last thing you want to think about is money Whether because of a divorce or a death, you are mourning the loss of a relationship. Your life feels out of control. You're overwhelmed by the thought of having to deal with money-especially if your spouse had always handled it.
    Alan B. Ungar, C.F.P./ Paperback
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    The Handbook for the Newly Divorced - Ships in 24 hours
    This Handbook for the Newly Divorced is designed and written for the newly divorced who previously may not have played a key role in managing the family's finances. We hope that each article will answer many of your questions and help you feel more comfortable and confident in making your own financial decisions.
    ABA Family Law Section/ Paperback
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    Spousal Support Links:

  • FAQs About Spousal Support What is "spousal support? " Ohio no longer uses the term "alimony." Instead, Ohio uses the term "spousal support" when referring to an allowance of money or property that is not intended as a division of marital property. Ohio's current law defines spousal support as "the payment or payments to be made to a spouse or former spouse that is both for sustenance and for support of the spouse or former spouse."

  • Alimony -The Need for and Fear OfNew Jersey permits by statute two types of alimony, permanent and/or rehabilitative alimony. The statutory criteria for an award of alimony consists of many factors which are set forth below:

  • Breaking up is Hard to Do: Economics of Spousal Support The introduction of "no-fault" divorce in most of North America has eliminated the traditional basis for spousal support without providing a satisfactory alternative. Women who have reduced their labor force participation to look after a home and raise children are particularly disadvantaged by divorce.

  • How is Spousal Support Calculated Unlike child support, only vague guidelines are established in California for spousal support. Unfortunately, broad latitude is administered by judge with varying attitudes. Different results appear in cases with similar factual situations. Generally speaking, spousal support is based on the reasonable needs of the wife as they relate to the husband's ability to pay. The factors most relevant are as follows:

  • Should I Keep Records of Support Payments YES. It is very important to keep a notebook with the following columns: Date Due, Amount, Date Paid, Arrearages, Check Number. No payment should either be made or taken in cash, since there will always be a disagreement later or about whether a payment was made

  • Establishing Spousal Support The duration of spousal support is closely linked to the length of the marriage. Frequently, practitioners speak of the 'rule of thumb' that spousal support will last for one-half the length of the marriage.

  • Spousal Support & Marital Property Either party may claim alimony or spousal support from the other based upon a great variety of factors that affect the equities of the case, such as the respective income, needs and resources of the parties.

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