About Divorce Financial Planners
(Provided by Divorce Source Staff)

A Divorce Financial Planner is an excellent resource for divorcing couples when they choose to go their separate ways.

Financial Planners have traditionally worked with individuals after divorce, helping them build new lives and plan for their future.

By being uniquely qualified to make long-term financial projections, Divorce Financial Planners integrate the methodology of financial planning directly into the divorce process.

Since settlements are in large part financial, Divorce Financial Planners can explain your options, help you set priorities, and lead you through the hard choices ahead.

Often, the financial data on which settlements are based is unreliable. This leads to future problems for one or both parties. Accurate financial information helps the parties achieve workable settlements quicker and accept realistic lifestyle changes when necessary.

A Divorce Financial Planner Helps:

1. Take control of the divorce process
2. Gain a clear understanding of your current financial picture
3. Gain a clear understanding of your future financial picture
4. Be more focused on reaching a fair and workable settlement
5. Negotiate more effectively
6. Ensure a faster resolution of all financial matters, equitably, for both spouses
7. Minimize legal fees
8. Minimize taxes
9. Maximize marital assets

Information provided by:
Divorce Source Staff

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