After the judge orders the child support award, are you stuck with it?

A child support award is an order of the court, and as such it exists outside another agreement. If you find that your circumstances have changed, and the existing child support award does not apply to these new circumstances, you can petition the court for a "modification" of the award. Be prepared to explain to the judge’s complete satisfaction your reasons for requesting a modification.

The typical reasons for a modification are as follows:

- Child(ren) are now or are going to be living with the other parent.
- The non-custodial parent has more overnight visitation with the child(ren).
- The non-custodial parent has less overnight visitation with the child(ren).
- Either parent has a substantial increase or decrease in annual income.
- Custodial parent begins working.
- Child(ren) need childcare.
- Substantial increase or decrease in expenses for child(ren).
- Change in State Child Support Guidelines.