Alabama Simplified Divorce Procedures

There is no legal provision in Alabama for summary divorce. In addition, specific evidence must be presented at a court hearing to support a default judgment in a divorce case. However, acceptance and waiver of service is allowed if signed by the defendant and a credible witness. There is a 30-day waiting period after the filing of the summons and complaint before a judge may issue a final judgment of divorce. Testimony in uncontested divorces may be taken before a court clerk, by sworn statements, or by transcripts of oral depositions. A standardized Child Support Guidelines form and Child Support Income Statement/Affidavit must be filed in every case in which child support is requested. [Code of Alabama: Title 30, Chapter 2-8.1; Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure; Rules 4, 43(a), 53, and 55 and Alabama Rules of Judicial Administration: Rule 32].

Each state has its own unique filing procedure. When filing for divorce in Alabama, you must adhere to the strict filing guidelines and prepare and submit the appropriate mandatory divorce documents to the county court. You can visit the Alabama state statutes located at: to learn more about these documents. You will discover that some documents may be provided by the Alabama Legal System and others must be constructed on a case-by-case basis containing certain information and criteria to adhere to the Alabama Laws and the filing requirements.