Alabama Spousal Support/Maintenance/Alimony Factors

In Alabama the support payments (if any) can certainly influence how the marital property distribution is awarded, which is why it can become a very intricate part of the final outcome of any divorce. Keeping this in mind, if you and your spouse are unable to reach and agreement on this issue, the Circuit Court will order support from one spouse to the other on a case-by-case basis as follows:

The judge, at his or her discretion will consider; the value of each spouse’s assets as well as their families and up to one half of any pension, 401k or retirement benefits as long as the length of the marriage was 10 years or more. Any marital misconduct by either spouse may be considered in determining the appropriate support amount. Any property acquired prior to the marriage or by inheritance or gift may not be considered in determining the support amount. (Code of Alabama - Title 30 - Chapters: 2-51, 2-52, and 2-55)

You can also read more about Alabama spousal support in the Alabama state statutes located at: