Are QDROs complicated to construct and difficult to have approved?

Not at all. Lawyers, judges, and courts are familiar with the requirements of a QDRO, and they can be easily constructed. In fact, some appellate courts have held that other judgments and contracts, such a property settlement agreement, may be considered a QDRO, so long as they meet the requirements of a QDRO. There are no "magic words," so long as the requirements in the statutes are fulfilled.

Sometimes company plan administrators can be very picky, so do not be alarmed if he or she rejects the initial QDRO draft. The plan administrator should point out in detail what should be added or modified in order for the QDRO to be accepted. Once the QDRO is accepted the judge will be able to sign off on it. The QDRO is typically one of the last steps in the divorce.