Are there other kinds of physical cruelty?

Physical cruelty can also include threats of bodily harm or violence or the reasonable apprehension of bodily harm. Reasonable apprehension of bodily harm happens when a person in imminent danger or fear of being struck. The law did not require her to be struck in order to claim cruelty. The reasonable fear of violence was sufficient.

In the 1950s, The Honeymooners, a popular television program starring Jackie Gleason, comically portrayed the lives of a New York City bus driver, his wife and their two best-friends neighbors. Gleason portrayed Ralph Cramden, whose wife Alice, portrayed by Audrey Meadows, frequently
argued with him. In frustration, Ralph often said, "One of these days, Alice. One of these days. Pow, right in the kisser" and gestured as if to strike her. The effect was comic because everyone knew Cramden would never strike Alice; but had it been serious, Ralph’s threat put Alice in reasonable apprehension of bodily harm.