Are there risk markers for domestic violence?

In an analysis entitled "Men Who Batter: The Risk Markers," Richard J. Gelles, director of the family violence program at the University of Rhode Island, identified eleven risk factors "for future violence in the home." After previous involvement in domestic violence, the factors are 1) the man is unemployed, 2) uses drugs for at least a year, 3) is of different religion than his partner, 4) saw his father hit his mother; 5) the couple cohabits but is not married; 6) the man has a blue-collar occupation; 7) he did not graduate from high school; 8) is between 18 and 30; 9) either partner uses violence toward the children; and 10) the income is below poverty level.

Beyond a certain point, the risk of violence increases geometrically with the arithmetic addition of these factors, Gelles says.