Asset Protection From Divorce

Asset Protection From Divorce "Asset Protection From Divorce" has to be one of the most secretive divorce resources ever made available (this is certainly not sold in bookstores). The book is cover-to-cover nothing but sneaky tactics used by spouses to effectively hide and protect property and other assets prior to, and during, divorce. This book reveals those actions taken by spouses who wish to protect their financial future and avoid an unfair property division award.

Hiding property to avoid losing it in a divorce is certainly against the law and not reccomended by any divorce lawyer or judge, which is why we hope this resource will end up in the hands of those who need to put a stop to it, and get the marital assets they really deserve. I guess you can say we are trying to get the "financial war plans for divorce" to the other side, to ensure justice is being served. The total cost for this book is $42.95.

Who should consider this book:

1. Do you believe your spouse may be intending to, or is actually, hiding assets? If so, this book could be your only savior!

2. Do you think your spouse married you for your money? If so, this book will offer you an effective beginning to protecting what is rightfully yours!

3. Are you concerned about protecting you and your children’s financial future? If so, this small investment will certainly go a long way to reaching your goal!

Warning since we are revealing the war plans, you must understand that the book is actually written as a set of instructions for a spouse who wishes to hide assets upon divorce. It should be interpreted in way that you are able to discover what your spouse may or may not be doing. You must take the initiative to go through this discovery process to make sure you are getting a fair settlement before you finalize your divorce.

In Divorce You Must Protect Yourself...

Most spouses assume that their husband or wife will begin preparing for the divorce after it becomes a reality, when often times it is the contrary. Majority of spouses will take great efforts to prepare financially long before they ask for a divorce, so it is never too early or too late to read this book!

The Contents of "Asset Protection From Divorce":

1. Popular Divorce Strategies
2. Understanding Divorce Protection
3. Commingled of Marital Assets
4. Performing an Asset and Property Search
5. Fraudulent Conveyance
6. The Dissipation of Marital Assets
7. Basic Differences of Corporations
8. Establishing Spousal Support and Standard of Living
9. The Two-Corporation Protection Strategy
10. The Nevada Corporation Option
11. Liability Protection for Stockholders & Officers
12. Nominee Directors & Officers
13. Stock Ledger
14. Confidential Stock Ownership
15. Equity Stripping
16. Layering
17. Nolo Contendre
18. Wage Protection
19. Corporate Bank Accounts & Privacy
20. Attorney-Client Privilege
21. Tools for Effective Planning & Implementation

Asset Protection From Divorce
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