Being able to pick your judge (arbitrator) is attractive, but are there other benefits to arbitration?

Arbitration is often a speedier process than traditional litigation. The waiting time for some family courts approaches two years, while you can almost certainly pick the date of your arbitration.

In addition, the arbitration and the arbitrator are focused on your case; they will have no other business to attend to, in contrast to family court, which may be hearing several cases on your court date.

Many people opt for arbitration because it is less formal than a court trial. People will therefore be more comfortable, and generally will feel better about the decision that is reached by the arbitrator. They will feel a greater sense of "self determination," and a sense of accomplishment, that will carry over into the actual performance of the duties required by the settlement agreement. Spouses that use arbitration to settle their divorce tend to feel as though they were more involved in the outcome.