California Child Support Guidelines

The California child support guidelines "at a glance" provides a quick reference to what applicable child support laws are considered and/or not considered when determining the appropriate California child support order.

California Child Support Guidelines

  • Income Share Model *: YES
  • Percent of Income Model *: NO
  • Worksheets Available: YES
  • Extraordinary Medical Expenses Add on: YES
  • Childcare Add on: YES
  • Secondary Education Support: NO

* The Income Shares Model: California child support is calculated by estimating the amount of support that would have been available to the child(ren) if the family had remained intact. This estimated amount is then divided proportionally to the parents according to each parentís income. This is easily done by using the California child support worksheet and the estimated incomes are typically substantiated by past pay stubs or w-2s.

For example: If the father has a higher income than the mother, he would then be responsible for the greater portion of the child support obligation. Conversely, if the father has a lower income than the mother, he would then be responsible for the smaller portion of the child support obligation.

As a reminder, the child support obligation can manifest itself differently between a custodial and a noncustodial parent.

For example: It is not common for a custodial parent to be paying support to a non-custodial parent.