Can I put in my agreement that child support cannot be modified?

Courts retain jurisdiction to modify child support orders, and all states permit modification upon a showing of changed circumstances. If you were to put a clause restricting modification in your agreement, it would have little value.

It is very common to modify the child support obligation as time passes. Child support is often modified for the following reasons:

1. Child(ren) are now or are going to be living with the other parent.
2. The non-custodial parent has more overnight visitation with the child(ren).
3. The non-custodial parent has less overnight visitation with the child(ren).
4. Either parent has a substantial increase or decrease in annual income.
5. Custodial parent begins working.
6. Child(ren) need childcare.
7. Current arrangements are clearly not in the best interest of the child(ren) (abuse, neglect, unhealthy living environment, etc.).
8. Substantial increase or decrease in expenses for child(ren).
9. Changes in State Child Support Guidelines.