Can I put my child on my health insurance plan?

Group health insurance plans obtained through employment are required under federal law. This allows either the parent covered by insurance, or the non-covered parent, to enroll the child(ren) in the plan if a qualified medical child support order (or QMCSO) has been obtained. A QMSCO is a court order that provides for child support health benefits for the child(ren) of a participant in the health plan, even if the child(ren) or the participant do not meet the conditions of the health plan. A QMSCO allows you to enroll your child(ren) in your health plan even if they do not live with you. ( These conditions are often used by a health benefit provider as grounds for exclusion.)

As you might imagine, a QMSCO could be invaluable when deciding or negotiating child support. Your lawyer or the court will be able to assist you in filling out and filing a QMSCO.