Can I submit an agreement to my spouse and get him or her to sign it?

You could try, but it is unlikely that he or she would sign it without complaint. Note that we said "negotiations" above; it is essential that you and your spouse have full, fair, and open negotiations before any separation agreement is signed. A mutually agreed upon separation agreement is more likely to be approved by the court.

As difficult as it may be, it is important to consider your wishes as well as your spouse’s. The negotiation period is probably the most crucial time during your separation, because it will determine how you and your spouse will proceed.

If you get along and work together in reaching a mutually beneficial agreement, it will be much easier for you to work together as parents (that is if you have children). If you cannot get a long and refuse to work together, obviously the process will be intensely drawn out and the parenting relationship will suffer greatly. A reminder that is often quoted "Divorce ends the bond of marriage, but the bond of parents will exist forever". The object is to set hostility aside, so you can both can reach an agreement.