Can an abused woman leave the state with minor children without telling her ex-husband?

Many woman with small children relocate because they fear that an angry and dangerous former husband will seek them out, but they should ask the court’s permission. For sure, a woman may move.

Some courts considered domestic violence victims as impulsive or uncooperative if they left to find safety in another city or state. Some courts still do.

There is a movement to craft a model statute concerning domestic violence. The model statute specifies that it is in the best interest of the child to reside with the non-violent parent. This parent should be able to choose where to live, even if it is in another state. The model statute also states that the noncustodial, violent parent should be denied access to any medical and educational records, if these could be used to locate the custodial parent. This statute is still in the drafting stages, but the fact of its existence is encouraging.