If marital counseling doesn’t work for you, turn to Chapter Two. Don’t put it off; your decision about the marriage has been made. The next chapter will make sure that you are prepared before you go any further down the road.

Are you doubtful about the marriage? Try a counselor who will look out only for your interests, instead of the one you are using to look out for the marriage.

Are you intimidated by divorce? Starting a divorce will be a big step, that’s true. However, we can take it nice and easy, one chapter at a time. Think of the alternative. Are your children going to be any better adjusted spending the next few years in a non-loving and sometimes bitter household? Why test your pain threshold further? Give yourself a break! You’re not rushing out to file after the first unresolved argument. You have done your best and have given counseling a try. Now, it’s time to take care of yourself. Chapter Two will show you how to get started.

Are your problems all resolved? Terrific! You must have worked hard, found a good counselor and had a little luck besides.