Connecticut Child Support Factors

Either parent may be ordered to contribute child support, based on the following factors: (1) the financial resources of the child; (2) the age, health, and station of the parents; (3) the occupation of each parent; (4) the earning capacity of each parent; (5) the amount and sources of income of each parent; (6) the vocational skills and employability of each parent; (7) the age and health of the child; (8) the child’s occupation; (9) the vocational skills of the child; (10) the employability of the child; (11) the estate and needs of the child; and (12) the relative financial means of the parents. Either parent may be ordered to provide health insurance for the child. There are official Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines are presumed to be correct unless there is a showing that the amount would be inequitable or inappropriate under the particular circumstances in a case. [Connecticut General Statutes Annotated; Title 46b, Chapter 84].