Custody/Visitation Modification Software with Instructions
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Modification Software When you originally got a separation or divorce, most likely you signed a separation or settlement agreement, which was incorporated into your Final Divorce Judgment or Decree by the Court.

The agreement addressed issues like, but not limited to, debts, property, the marital home, insurance, tax implications, child custody arrangements, child support obligations, and visitation schedules. Although it is very difficult, if not impossible, to modify certain parts of your Original Judgment or Decree, you will find that it is very normal and quite expected by the Court that the issues of custody and visitation are revisited and potentially modified once or several times before the child(ren) reach the age of majority.

It is important to accept that what may have been ideal in the past, is not necessarily ideal now.

You probably fall into one of the following scenarios:

1. You are not in agreement with your ex-spouse regarding custody and visitation and you plan to request a modification without his or her consent.

2. Your custody and visitation arrangements have already changed between you and your ex-spouse upon mutual consent, and you have realized that it is very important to have these changes recognized by the Court.

Obviously, if you are in agreement with your ex-spouse, the modification process may be a little less drawn out, but this software provides all the forms and instructions for both scenarios.

Modification Software Contents:

  • Easy Automated Fill in the Blank Format!
  • Complete Step-by-Step Instructions for Completing a Filing the Forms.
  • Easy Question & Answer Intake Form to Complete All the Forms.
  • Guideline for Court Testimony (if needed).
  • Modification Forms Completed and Ready for Filing Include:
    • 1. Petition/Complaint for Modification of Custody/Visitation.
      2. Schedule of Proposed Modifications.
      3. Final Modification Judgment/Decree.
      4. Appearance, Consent and Waiver.
      5. Request for Default.
      6. Motion for Default.
      7. Request for Hearing.
      8. Notice of Hearing.

Custody/Visitation Modification Forms with Instructions

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