Determine the Complexity and Cost of Your Divorce
(Provided by Divorce Source Staff)

Review your list, "adding up" the number of problem areas that you have noted in the left margin. If you see any problem areas at all, you probably do not have an easy case. A case never gets easier when you get into it; if anything, more problems start to pop up. If you have already discovered several problem areas, you probably have a difficult case.

Nice work! You have prepared your first estimate of the relative cost of your case: low, moderate or high. You should expect to pay the reasonable cost necessary to protect your rights. The actual ending of your marriage is the simplest task of all. The amount you have at stake financially or the difficulty of your factual situation increases the cost. Attorney’s fees and court costs increase in proportion to the difficulty. You may need expert witnesses on earning ability or the value of an asset, consultants such as accountants or pension plan evaluators and a lot of discovery, incurring expenses for deposition reporters, subpoena costs and document copying.

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