Divorce Attorney and Other Divorce Professional Fees
(Provided by Divorce Support Staff)

If you are the sole provider or breadwinner of the marriage, you will probably get stuck with paying the attorney fees for you and your spouse. The thought behind this is simple. You are the one working and therefore the only one capable of paying the fees.

For example: Here is a case where a custody dispute was entertained. The custody trial itself cost a father $10,000. His wife had a number of psychological problems, which was proven. The judge still ruled in behalf of the ex-wife and ordered the former husband to pay the ex-wife’s attorney fees of $15,000. The legal fees he paid were $25,000. This amount was just for the custody portion of the divorce. If you are the sole provider of the household, beware, for you may be held responsible for paying legal fees for both sides.

The assignment of legal fees can also depend greatly on which party entertained the legal actions that were unworthy or down right self-motivated. This being said it is essential that you pick battles worth fighting and properly prepare for those battles. If you decide to run up legal fees in order to avoid a 1% higher support amount, the judge will not look fondly upon this.

Also, the thought of having to pay your spouses attorney fees may not be as bad as you think as long as the court takes this into consideration in the property award. On the other hand, you may get what seems to be a very generous property settlement, only to find out that you are also assuming an enormous amount of unexpected legal fees.

The Expense of Your Personal Time

The amount of time required to finalize a divorce can be nauseating. You will need to supply your attorney (and potentially other professionals) with countless documents and transmissions. Your attorney will give you, in the beginning, what appears to be an endless form, which can often take up to 5-10 hours to complete. It will ask for details in your life you forgot about or did not realize were relevant, let alone even existed. You will need to research numerous subjects from bank account numbers to mortgage companies and loan numbers. The time required to supply the requested information is exhausting. This task of collecting this vital data is further complicated with shortened time frames.

Your attorney will need time to review and evaluate the information submitted. Your attorney will also need time to construct a declaration or to place the information properly into court documents. Gathering the necessary information will require sacrificing time from your work (this can mean using vacation days).

You are probably assuming you will be able to manage your divorce outside of your work time. This may be partly feasible, but many of the people you need to be in contact with are only available during your work schedule.

This loss of your valuable time does not include appearances in court. Commuting and waiting for your turn in court also results in lost wages and time.

Information provided by:
Divorce Support Staff