Divorce Forms Software (with children)

Divorce Forms Software and Filing Instructions This divorce software is the perfect "do it yourself" divorce solution for spouses that DO have children. This software will address all the important issues regarding the children like, custody arrangement, visitation, child support, and health care coverage. With an interactive intake form, the software makes completing all the necessary divorce forms to file you own divorce in your state fast and hassle free. The software is state specific, so you will receive the proper forms for filing instructions for your state according to current state divorce laws and procedures. The total cost for this software is $139.95.

This software will provide you with the instructions and tools to easily draft, execute and file your own divorce and eliminate unnecessary legal fees.

Divorce Software (with children) Requirements:

1. The divorce is uncontested (you and your spouse agree to get a divorce).
2. You and your spouse DO have children of the marriage.
3. The wife is not pregnant.
4. You or your spouse is not active duty military.

Divorce Forms Software Features:

- Interactive Intake Form Makes it Easy!
- Detailed Step-by-Step Filing Instructions.
- The Mandatory State-Specific Divorce Forms:

1. The Petition/Complaint for Divorce
2. Acceptance and Waiver of Service Affidavit
3. Non-Military Status Affidavit for Petitioner
4. Non-Military Status Affidavit for Respondent
5. Final Decree/Judgment for Divorce
6. Marital Settlement Agreement

The Marital Separation Agreement Settles Issues Like:

1. Grounds for divorce.
2. Restoration of life as If each spouse was single.
3. Define marital property for wife and husband.
4. Define marital debt obligations for wife and husband.
5. Child Custody and Visitation
6. Child Support
7. Protection against other spouse filing bankruptcy.
8. Cooperation between spouses for filing tax returns.<
9. Waiving or acknowledging rights to retirement benefits.
10. Responsibilities of each spouse for health insurance.
11. Incorporation of Agreement into Final Divorce Decree.
12. Restoration of wife’s former name.

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(Attention: the divorce forms software does address many other issues than what is mentioned in the short description above.)

State-Specific Divorce Forms Software and Filing Instructions

Download Price: $139.95 (with children)
Download File Format: Compatible with all PCs & Macs
Download Time: 3-6 minutes
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You must choose your state so we can provide you with the Divorce Forms Software and Filing Instructions specific to your state. Certain states are not available in this software, so if your state is not in the list above, we suggest using our premium online divorce service.

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