Divorce Overview

My name is Dennis W. Leski, Attorney, Mediator and Counselor at Law. I have written this information to supply you with a road map through the demanding turns of the divorce process. After guiding many clients through divorce and traveling the path myself I can say, “This is divorce and this is how it works.” The information porovided is based on my experience in helping wonderful, real people get through to the other side. You will be able to pick up the pieces and get on with the business of the rest of your life just as they did. Help yourself to this shared knowledge to empower yourself before, during and after divorce.

Divorce cases are fact-driven. Your life and the facts that fill it are not the same as anyone else’s. Yet, the law in each state dictates the nature of the divorce process and requires us all to confront the same issues. I will help you prepare in all ways by for this difficult journey, eliminate as many “surprises” as possible, enable you to understand the process, identify the critical concepts, guide you through the difficult decisions and generally make you an effective participant and contributor in your own divorce.

Chapter Headings

This information has been provided and written by Dennis W. Leski, Attorney at Law