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This divorce software is for anyone who has been served a Petition or Complaint for Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage and needs to file a Formal Response or Answer with the court. Total cost for the software is $99.95.

What is a Formal Response/Answer? This is the legal document that you, as the respondent or defendant, must file with the court and serve on your spouse after you have been served a petition or complaint for divorce (or dissolution). If you do not file this Formal Response/Answer within the permitted time period, you will be in default, at which time the court may proceed with you divorce case by settling the divorce (or dissolution) by the terms your spouse has requested in the original petition or complaint.

The software will provide you with a complete understanding of the procedure and allow you to generate your own Formal Response/Answer Forms (without a lawyer) to "counterclaim" or "rebuttal" what your spouse has asked the court to order. The Formal Response/Answer will allow the court and your spouse to know what you agree and/or disagree with regarding issues like, but certainly not limited to: property division, debt division, retirement funds, child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support (alimony), insurance, and tax issues.

This software is in no way a substitute for the legal advice of a lawyer, but it is designed to allow you to represent yourself and fight for what is rightfully yours without accumulating extensive legal fees.

What You Get With the Software:

1. Instructions for Completing the Documents
2. Easy Automated Intake Form to Complete the Documents
3. Explanation of Process
4. Step-by-Step Filing Instructions
5. Completed Formal Response/Answer Forms (16 pages)
The Formal Response/Answer addresses the following issues (but not limited to) : marriage information, residency, grounds, domestic violence/abuse, children, pregnancy, paternity, marital property, marital debt, separate property, separate debt, tax returns, spousal support, health insurance, child custody, visitation, child support, life insurance, and tax exemption. You also have the ability to address any other issues you may desire.
6. Comprehensive Financial Affidavit (7 pages)
This document declares income and expenses as well as takes inventory of property and debt for distribution purposes: The Financial Affidavit addresses the following issues: Real estate, Furniture /Appliances, Household Furnishings, Pension/Retirement Fund/401ks, Automobiles, Separate Property, Marital Debts, Separate Debts, Income, Deductions, Cash & Cash Equivalents, and Living Expenses.
7. Verification Statement (used to declare to the court that the content of each document is true and correct to the best of your knowledge.)
8. Certificate of Service (used for providing proof that the documents have been served on your spouse in a proper and timely fashion.)
9. Request for Hearing (only needed if your spouse fails to request a hearing and you wish to proceed.)
10. Notice of Hearing (only needed if you request the hearing and need to notify your spouse.)

Divorce Response/Answer Software

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