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This divorce financial checklist is exactly what your spouse’s lawyer hopes you don’t use during your divorce. The reason a checklist like this is so valuable to you and such an integral part of your divorce is because it allows you to organize and document all the issues and all the information that will be required by your lawyer and the court. The total cost is $16.95

The Divorce & Financial Checklist is 40 pages and acts as a helpful guide to show you exactly what personal and financial information you need to collect and document to have a successful divorce!

Imagine trying to come up with 40 pages of information about your assets, debts, bank accounts, loans, credit cards, pension funds, insurance companies, etc., without an organized checklist like this one. It is impossible!

The financial checklist also focuses on personal information about you, your spouse, and your children (if you have any). There is nothing worse and more expensive than meeting with your lawyer, showing up for a settlement meeting, or appearing in court and not having all the information you need right in front of you. If you do not have the information it will cost you much more in legal fees and court costs.

Using this checklist allows you to collect all the information at once and present it to your lawyer or to the court as a complete case reference resource. There is less hassle for your lawyer and the court, less time spent on your divorce case, which instantly translates to you saving your money!

The Abbreviated Table of Contents:

All sections of the checklist have fill-in blanks and check boxes for easy reference and simplistic clarity. The blanks and check boxes also save you a tremendous amount of time. What would ordinarily tax 10 hours to document will probably take you approximately 2 hours.

I. Information About You

A. General
B. Marriage Information
C. Information of Children of This marriage
D. Children from Previous Marriage
E. Pets of this Marriage
F. Education Background
G. Your Employment
H. Your Pensions
I. Your Income

II. Information About Your Spouse

A. General
B. Spouse’s Prior Marriage
C. Children from Previous Marriage
D. Spouse’s Educational Background
E. Spouse’s Employment
F. Your Spouse’s Pension
G. Spouse’s Income

III. Liabilities

A. Loans
B. Credit Cards
C. Utilities
D. House Hold Expenses
E. Taxes
F. Back Due Taxes
G. Property/Real Estate Taxes
H. Professional Debts

IV. Liquid Assets

A. Cash Accounts
B. Stocks and Bonds
C. Safe Deposit Box

V. Business Related Assets

A. Professional Costs
B. Sole Proprietor
C. Partnership/Joint Ventures
D. Professional Corporation
E. Family-Owned Business
F. Business Documents You May Need

VI. Properties

A. Real Estate
B. Vehicles
C. Personal Properties

VII. Insurance

A. Homeowners/Renters
B. Umbrella
C. Other Property Insurance
D. Automobile
E. Other Insurance
F. Medical Insurance
G. Dental Insurance
H. Eye Insurance

Divorce & Financial Checklist

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