Equitable Distribution of Stock Options
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Divorce Manual We guarantee there is not a more informative resource on this subject anywhere! This Manual has been written by an family law attorney who provides an in depth discussion and analysis of this issue with valuable references to specific cases, journals, and other help resources for additional legal research is required. The total cost for the manual is $11.95.

Before the boom economy of the 1990s, employers attracted and kept employees with one major form of compensation: salary and bonuses. Stock options were merely a blip on the radar screen. Today, however, stock options are the dominant form of compensation and the dominant form of wealth of top executives in the United States. The March-April issue of the Harvard Business Review noted that Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric, had unexercised stock options worth more than $260 million. Intel CEO Craig Barrett’s unexercised stock options were worth more than $100 million, and Disney CEO Michael Eisner exercised stock options on Disney stock in 1998, netting more than one-half billion dollars.

But exactly what are stock options and how do they work? This question must be answered before we move on to the main subject of this Manual: how to value and divide stock options in divorce cases.

Equitable Distribution of Stock Options
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