Everyday Expenses After a Divorce
(Provided by Divorce Support Staff)

Some married couples split the financial responsibilities, especially when both are employed. Married couples who have always split expenses generally have an easier time adjusted financially to the single life.

Fortunately or unfortunately, both spouse do not always work, or their monthly salaries are not equal. If you are in this type of situation beware because a life style change will most likely be in the picture, at least in the near term.

By living in the same house, your expenses are reduced. Utilities and mortgage is a shared benefit of the marital household. This assists in elevating the standard of living and increasing savings for emergencies, vacations, investments, and retirement. When living alone (post separation or divorce), the living expenses increase by virtue of its division by 1. That is, only you are using the items paid for. This is easily recognized when comparing a family of four sharing the same home. The cost of basic necessities in a case like this is decreased by a factor of four.

Information provided by:
Divorce Support Staff