Explore New Activities to Re-Discover Yourself

Make moderation your watchword during this transition when you take steps in new directions. Start picking and choosing wisely for yourself again. Try different activities that appeal to you. Give yourself some quiet time reading and reflecting, instead of structuring every waking hour. Are you able to recall the activities that you enjoyed before your marriage got so bad is seemed to change you. If you abandoned hobbies and activities for reasons you can’t remember, you may get a lot of pleasure rediscovering them.

Be careful about throwing yourself into work to escape the emptiness. Although it’s relatively safe outlet, like exercise, you’re naturally a social creature and have to interact unless you want to substitute one problem for another. Rekindle your spark, your love of life. If you’ve become somewhat of a drudge, that may be tough, but it’s worth it if you want to live your own life instead of someone else’s. Set up the balance in your life that suits you.

You may have unbalanced your life by your attempts to cope with problems in your marriage. For example, you might have stayed later at the office rather than coming home to another bitter fight. You may have joined organizations for the same purpose. Perhaps you took on extraordinary obligations or volunteer work to avoid the conflict at home. Reevaluate the time commitments that you have made in the recent past, just as you consider new, perhaps more nurturing activities in your immediate future.