Florida Simplified Divorce Procedures

Florida has a procedure for a Simplified Dissolution of Marriage. In order to qualify to use this procedure, the spouses must certify that: (1) there are no minor or dependent children of the spouses and the wife is not pregnant; (2) the spouses have made a satisfactory division of their property and have agreed as to payment of their joint obligations; (3) that 1 of the spouses has been a resident of Florida for 6 months immediately prior to filing for dissolution of marriage; and (4) that their marriage is irretrievably broken. The spouses must appear in court to testify as to these items and file a Certificate of a Corroborating Witness as to the residency requirement. Each must also attach a financial affidavit to the Simplified Dissolution Petition. Specific forms and an instruction brochure are available from the Clerk of any Circuit Court. In addition, sample forms for various aspects of a standard dissolution of marriage are available in the Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure. Financial disclosures are now mandatory in Florida. [Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure Appendix 1; Rules 12.105 and 12.285 and Family Law Forms 12.900+].

Each state has its own unique filing procedure. When filing for dissolution of marriage in Florida, you must adhere to the strict filing guidelines and prepare and submit the appropriate mandatory dissolution of marriage documents to the county court. You can visit the Florida state statutes located at: to learn more about these documents. You will discover that some documents may be provided by the Florida Legal System and others must be constructed on a case-by-case basis containing certain information and criteria to adhere to the Florida Laws and the filing requirements.