Getting Divorced Without Going to Court

Getting Divorced Without Going to Court The information in this book has helped thousands of people...

- Learn how to stay out of the courtroom!
- Convince their spouse to settle!
- Spare their kids the emotional turmoil of testifying!
- Eliminate all their court costs!
- Find a settlement that they are both happy with!
- File their own divorce documents!
- Develop a Settlement Agreement together!
- Hire a divorce professional that WANTED to save them money!
- Organize all the information a divorce professional needs ahead of time!
- Shake hands with one another when the divorce was final!
- And Much, Much, Much More!!!

This is the book that makes the BEST out of a BAD situation! Divorce does not have to be ugly, it does not have to be expensive, it does not have to tear you apart emotionally. All you have to do is make correct choices and control your own divorce and this book shows you how to do it.

To achieve a divorce that does not go to court is entirely in the hands of those people involved. That includes you, your spouse, and any professionals either of you decide to hire. As you begin the journey always keep in mind that you and your spouse should control your own divorce. When you are in control, you have the option of avoiding court.

No matter what the circumstances are that have caused your marital breakup, it is time to look beyond this and focus on what is the best way you can settle the differences without causing financial hardship and more emotional turmoil then necessary. When logically thinking this through, and yes we know it can be difficult to be logical at a time like this, your best option is to explore the potential of an amicable divorce. This does not mean that you and your spouse need to be best friends, have to like one another, nor respect one another, all you have to do is listen, analyze, and negotiate your way to a mutual agreement.

This is certainly easier said than done; otherwise we wouldn’t have a divorce court. You may think the shorter the marriage, the lesser the issues to resolve, the better chance you have, but we believe that everyone has an equal opportunity to avoid divorce court.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - A Basic Overview of the System
Chapter 2 - Alternative Dispute Resolution
Chapter 3 - About Divorce Arbitration
Chapter 4 - About Divorce Mediation
Chapter 5 - Collaborative Divorce
Chapter 6 - About Settlement Agreements - (With Sample Agreement)
Chapter 7 - About Parenting Agreements - (With Sample Agreement)
Chapter 8 - Locating and Hiring a Divorce Professional
Chapter 9 - Divorce Professionals Standards & Agreements
Chapter 10 - The Uncontested Filing Procedure
Divorce & Financial Checklist
Divorce Glossary

Getting Divorced Without Going to Court (2015 Edition)
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