Grandparentís Rights

Grandparent’s Rights Do you have trouble seeing your grandchildren? Is your grandchild being neglected or abused? Do you know what your legal rights are? You are not alone and the answer to your problems may lie in this book. The total cost of the book is $24.95

With the divorce rate above 50% and rising, everyday more grandparents are experiencing problems involving their future relationship with their grandchildren. Whether it’s difficulty spending time with them on a steady basis, being outright denied visitation altogether, or watching them be neglected and abused, grandparents increasingly find it necessary to step in, do what is right, and go to court to help their grandchildren. This book is written to make grandparents aware of their legal rights, and to help them take their case through the court system if need be.

Written by Traci Truly, an attorney with experience representing grandparents in visitation and custody cases, Grandparents’ Rights includes such matters as visitation and custody rights in all states, how to decide if you should go to court, how to prepare court forms, and court procedures.

About the Author:

Traci Truly received her B.B.A. and J.D. degrees from Baylor University, and has practiced family law for ten years, which has included representing grandparents in visitation and custody cases. In addition to various lawyer organizations, she is a member of the Texas Coalition for Juvenile Justice, and the American Professional Society for Abused Children. Traci is presently practicing law in Dallas, Texas.

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