How can someone know if divorce is the right move?

For most people the decision to divorce is agonizing. It’s not as simple as an arithmetic calculation of adding the pluses and subtracting the negatives and coming up with a number greater or smaller than zero. Far from it. In truth, no one can know ahead of time if a person would be better off with or without a partner.

Some people do try to make a calculation: life without a spouse, life with a spouse. Only the person making it can do it, but just asking the question probably means rough sailing ahead.

Very seldom is it simply a calculation of positive versus negative buoyancy, but sometimes people have an epiphany that tells them that it is all over.

Like many important life decisions, sometimes people just know. One woman realized she could no longer remain with her husband in the midst of a marriage counseling session when he told the counselor that he had no problems, that everything was fine.