How to Hire the Right Divorce Lawyer

How to Hire the Right Divorce Lawyer The First Step to a Successful Divorce is to Hire the Right Divorce Lawyer!

Being that this entire book is devoted to helping you hire the best divorce lawyer shows you just how important it really is and how difficult it can be if you do not have the proper guidance. Your lawyer will be your teammate to help you through what can be a very difficult time, so do yourself the favor and spend the time up front to prepare yourself to make the first and probably the most important decision of your future. The total cost of the book is $22.95.

The most common mistakes people make...

1. They use a lawyer who does not have a focus on family law.
2. They use a relative who is a lawyer.
3. They ask a friend for a referral.
4. They start calling out of the yellow pages.

You more than likely never thought you would even be in this situation with your marriage, let alone having to seek legal help to get your marital issues resolved. Sit back a relax a little and let this guide book show you exactly what you need to do to take the first step in the right direction. No matter what you decide, do not go into your divorce without having a good plan with an experienced divorce lawyer. Almost ever person who has a bad experience with their divorce will blame it on his or her lawyer. Do not let this happen to you.

How to Hire the Right Divorce Lawyer will not only provide instruction on how to obtain the best lawyer for your situation, but it also includes the information you need to work effectively with the lawyer you choose. These sections are devoted to your relationship with your lawyer and will help you save hundreds in legal fees and improve the chances of a favorable outcome.

The Content Are as Follows:

1. How the Legal System Operates in Divorce & Custody Cases.
2. Searching for the Right Divorce Lawyer.
3. What to Do and Ask at the First Appointment.
4. Top Attributes to Look for in a Divorce Lawyer.
5. Understanding Your Lawyer’s Billing Terms.
6. Communicating Effectively with Your Lawyer.
7. The Mistakes that Clients Make.
8. When and How to Fire Your Lawyer.
9. Example Lawyer/Client Agreements.
10. Example Interrogatories.
11. Example Letters.
12. Example Lawyer Bill.
13. Comprehensive Divorce Dictionary of Legal Terms.

Do not let yourself or your children be a victim of the courts. This book provides the knowledge needed to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of available divorce lawyers and then help syou pick the best one for you and/ or your children to get through the divorce in the best possible fashion.

How to Hire the Right Lawyer (2015 Edition)
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