I was forced to take a lesser paying job due to my health problems? How does this effect child support?

If you had a valid, medical reason for leaving your employment, you may apply for a modification of the child support award. Be advised, though, that judges will scrutinize closely any request to lower child support, since this sort of situation is often an area of abuse and fraud. Any reason to lower child support must be valid and reasonable. If you cannot prove to the judgeís satisfaction that your reason is valid, you may have income imputed to you, and find yourself owing a great deal in child support.

On the other hand, judges know that it is not in the best interests of your children, your ex-wife, and society as a whole to have you, the obligor, slide below the poverty line due to an excessive child support obligation. If your child support award would be such as to cause you to live in poverty, despite your best efforts, then you would have a valid reason for a modification of the award. Child support awards are not designed to punish the noncustodial parent or penalize an entire class of people. They are designed for the purpose of providing available economic support for children.

If you are in this situation due to temporary disability, there may be other alternatives rather than applying for a outright modification. Since the decrease in income is only temporary, some court s have a resolution for this. To learn more about this you should call your county child support enforcement office.