If I use the Deferred Distribution Method, is it necessary to determine the value of the benefits?

In most cases, the answer would be no. If it is possible to divide all of the other property of the parties, and the pension is being distributed at a later date, when benefits are actually paid by the plan, it is unnecessary to know the value of the benefits at the time of the divorce. Since the benefits are not being distributed at the time of the divorce, knowing the value at such time would not be required in order to ensure a proper division of property. However, in some cases part of the pension will be included in an Immediate Offset and part will be distributed using a QDRO at a later date. In this case, knowing the value of the pension would be essential. Therefore, it is sufficient to say that in the typical case it is not necessary to know the value of the benefits if such benefits are to be divided using a Deferred Distribution. However, if you are not dealing with the typical case, certain calculations of value may be necessary in order to properly divide the benefits between the parties.