If we don’t get along, how can we have joint legal custody?

Not all parents can handle a joint legal custody relationship. Joint legal custody requires that parents work together, make decisions together, and communicate effectively. As one may imagine, if parents could do all that, they might not have gotten or be in the process of a divorce in the first place.

Parents should keep in mind that while they may no longer be married, after a divorce they will still and will always be parents. The decisions that they make in a joint legal custody arrangement are in his or her roles as parents, not as spouses. A joint legal custody arrangement is much like a business partnership. They both have the same goal, rearing the children.

If they cannot decide on issues concerning the children -which is often the case and a cause of divorce - then joint custody is not for them. If, on the other hand, they are initially committed to making a joint custody arrangement work, by all means they should at least give it a try.