Is a generous property settlement enough, or do I also have to pay alimony?

Recent cases have held that just because a dependent spouse can live comfortably off an equitable distribution award (a property settlement) is no reason to deny spousal support. The size of the property settlement should not determine the right to spousal support. The dependent ex-spouse may have the right to share in the future income stream of the dominant, wage-earning ex-spouse.

If your ex-spouse would be entitled to a share in your income for spousal support, it doesn’t matter how generous his or her property settlement is.

For example: a professional baseball player has a property settlement with his ex-spouse that exceeds 5 million dollars in value. This property settlement is very large and was awarded to her because the court felt as though she deserved 50% of the marital estate. She was married to him since he began playing professional baseball and had invested time and energy into the effort that helped her husband get to the major leagues. For this reason she is also entitled to reap from the monetary rewards he receives during future seasons. Therefore temporary alimony may also be awarded.