Is it true that some personalities are just the "victim type" for abusers?

Some woman who are victims of abuse have low self-esteem, a weak self image, and a childhood defined by abuse and neglect; some do not. A young wife with small children and a weak work history may be more vulnerable to the constraints of an abusive husband or boyfriend.

Saying a woman is a "victim type" may be another way of saying that the victims of domestic violence are "asking for it." While an abuser may be able to find a victim who will not turn him in, for whatever reason, this is not to say that certain personalities attract abusers. A victim of domestic violence could be anyone. Likewise, a perpetrator of domestic violence could also be anyone, even someone a person has known for years.

Rather than looking at possible "abuse personalities," law enforcement officials, the court system, and the mental health system look to certain patterns of behavior that indicate domestic violence or the propensity to commit domestic violence.