Is there any way that marital property can become separate property?

As you might imagine, it is difficult, if not impossible, to "unmix the egg." Nonetheless, it is possible through what is termed "reverse transmutation." It can be very difficult in a sense that you must trace the property, its potential and the interest generated.

This example will emphasize the difficulty: There is $100,000 in a brokerage account. $75,000 of which is initially separate property and $25,000, which is marital property. You and you wife decide to invest $35,000 in shares of stock of The Walt Disney Corporation. At the time of divorce the stock has lost value and is now worth only $20,000. Is the husband compensated for the extra separate $10,000 originally invested? What if the other $65, 000 was also invested during the marriage and generate a substantial income? Would the husband have invested the $65,000 in a similar fashion had he not been married?