Justice From the Courts

Both spouses are often unhappy with the court’s decision. Each may feel that the court should have fully endorsed the merits of his or her position, and pointed out what a jerk the other was. Well, that’s just not the way it works.

A court hearing early in the case may instill fear in the parties. They usually try a little harder to negotiate before going back to court again. In many, many cases, the only court appearance is the initial hearing

My client Frank refused to believe he was going to have to pay as much child and spousal support as the court schedule indicated. His wife Pat couldn’t believe she might have to change the plans they had made years ago. She wanted to stay home with the kids until they were all in school, another four years. Frank was hit with a support order based right on the temporary support schedule, and also had to pay most of Pat’s attorney’ fees. Pat was told she’d better have a good reason for not contributing to her own support if she didn’t have a job in ninety days. The discussion that settled the entire case started in the hallway outside the courtroom.