Letting Things Happen Naturally
(Provided by How to Divorce as Friends)

The more you are able to flow with your situation, the more effective you will be. You will be able to see your situation clearly and you will be able to see what needs to be done. When you fight your situation, you create a state of fear and upset. You close down inside. You lose your ability to see clearly and you interact in a way that destroys love and almost always creates opposition and resistance against yourself.

In one case, a lady was so afraid of losing her children that she did everything she could to keep her husband from seeing them. The husband then became so angry and frustrated, that he went to court and eventually gained custody of the children. By her resisting the loss of her children, she actually created the very loss that she was avoiding. If she was more at peace with the loss of her children, her husband would never have fought for custody, and she would have her children today. Literally, the more you are unwilling for something to happen, the greater the chance that it will. So be willing. Be willing for anything to happen. Be willing to lose your kids. Be willing to lose your income, your property and your security. Let go of your demands for how life should be and be willing for life to be however it is and however it may become.

Remember that letting go is just a state of mind and has nothing to do with your actions. Letting go is the mental step the releases fear and upset so that you can see what actions you need to take. Be willing for anything to happen. Set yourself free inside. Then do whatever you need to do. To let go, there are two steps. 1st - trust that you will be fine no matter what happens and 2nd - be willing to feel all the hurt and the feelings of being not okay .. that would get reactivated if your fear were realized. Then give your fears permission to happen. A powerful way to do this is to tell the Universe, "I give you my children. I give you full permission to take them away. I want them to stay, but I let them go." Say this with each of your fears and with anything that you’ve been unwilling to lose. Say this over and over and allow yourself to feel all the hurt that gets reactivated. Once you can say this and mean it, you have set yourself free inside. And ironically, you have greatly increased the chances of keeping whatever you have been afraid to lose. The more you are willing for anything to happen, the more you retain your peace of mind and the more effective you will be. You become more flexible and more able to find solutions that work for everyone.

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