Maine Grandparent’s Rights

Grandparent Rights to Visitation: Visitation may be granted if at least one of the child’s parents or legal guardians has died. Until October 1, 1995, visitation also may be granted if there is a sufficient existing relationship between the grandparents and the grandchild or if a sufficient effort has been made to establish one. In all cases, the visitation must be in the child’s best interest and not significantly interfere with any parent-child relationship. Title 19, Maine Revised Statutes Annotated, Section 1001 (19 M.R.S.A. 1001 et seq.). Additional affidavit required.

When Adoption Occurs: Adoption terminates all rights.

Child Custody Statutes: Best interest of child considering: (1) child’s age, (2) child’s relationship with each party and other significant persons; (3) preference of child, if of suitable age and maturity; (4) duration and adequacy of child’s current living arrangement, and desirability of maintaining continuity; (5) stability of proposed living arrangement; (6) motivation of the parties and their capacity to give love, affection and guidance; (7) child’s adjustment to home, school and community; (8) each party’s capacity to allow and encourage a relationship between the child and the other party; (9) each party’s capacity to cooperate in child care; (10) the methods for assisting parental cooperation and resolving disputes, and each party’s willingness to use those methods; (11) effect on the child if one party has sole authority regarding upbringing; (12) any history of domestic abuse; and (13) any other relevant factor. 19 M.R.S.A. 214 & 752.

Parents May Choose: Yes

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