Medical and Health Costs During Divorce
(Provided by Divorce Support Staff)

The toll taken on your body cannot be valued in dollars. Many people have lost years of their life due to the emotional drain the divorce process puts them through. Their physical appearance and health becomes withered with time.

The cost in long-term illness like depression, high blood pressure, and heart disease also cannot be replaced. Medication and hospital admissions can cost thousands of dollars in as little as a few months. The long-term financial expenditure may span hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There are many recorded deaths during this stressful period as well. The mental and emotional strain has been directly attributed to the divorce process. The loss of reality has led to many traffic deaths. Intoxication as an escape from the stress has had deadly ramifications.

Do everything you can to take care of yourself. This means having a good night sleep, eating right, and getting regular exercise.

Information provided by:
Divorce Support Staff