Mississippi Child Support Factors

Child support may be ordered as the court finds just and equitable. Where both parents have income or estates, each parent may be ordered to provide support in proportion to his or her relative financial ability. A parent may be required to provide health insurance coverage for the child, if such insurance coverage is available at a reasonable cost through an employer or organization. A bond or sureties may be required to guarantee payments. There are specific child support guidelines contained in the statute. [Mississippi Code Annotated; Section 93, Chapters 5-23 and 11-65 and Section 99, Chapter 19-101].

Mississippi child support is typically calculated by using a Child Support Worksheet. The worksheet will generate an appropriate Mississippi child support obligation according to each spouse’s income and other relative numeric factors such as taxes paid and retirement contributions, etc.. Once this amount is determined it is essential to take a look at any appropriate Mississippi child support deviation factors that may be applicable to the situation. You can get more information about Mississippi child support in the Mississippi state statutes located at: