Modification Software

Modification Software It is suggested by most divorce lawyers and judges that parents review their custody, visitation and child support arrangements/orders at least every two years to ensure they reflect the current conditions or what should actually exist in the orders.

This software will provide you with the state specific forms and instructions to modify your existing orders without hiring a lawyer. The total cost of the software is $59.95.

Whether or not you and the other parent agree, custody, visitation and support can be changed through the court.

- If you and your ex-spouse agree to the changes and you have already implemented them, be sure to file with the court the request to implement those changes. This way the changes are on record and are recognized by the court.

- If you and your ex-spouse do not agree to the changes, you must file your requests with the court in hope they will grant you the changes based on the evidence and circumstances presented.

Popular Reasons to Modify Custody/Visitation & Child Support

1. Child(ren) have or are going to be living with the other parent.
2. The non-custodial parent has more overnight visitation with the child(ren).
3. The non-custodial parent has less overnight visitation with the child(ren).
4. Either parent has a substantial change in annual income.
5. Custodial parent becomes employed.
6. Child(ren) are in need child care.
7. Current arrangements are clearly not in the best interest of the child(ren) (abuse, neglect, unhealthy living environment, etc.).
8. Substantial change in expenses for child(ren).
9. Change in state child support guidelines for determining the support obligation.

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