Moving Expenses Caused by Divorce
(Provided by Divorce Support Staff)

If you decided or have been forced to leave your home, make a complete list of all your new financial responsibilities associated with your new home. You should also begin contacting various companies associated with your move.

Obtain ballpark figures on the cost of moving into your new home. This cost should also entail the average monthly expenses. The average monthly expenses are important due to seasonal changes. If you live in the desert, your electric bill, due to air-conditioning costs will be highest during the summer months. If you live in a cooler climate, for example Montana, your heating costs will be greatest during the winter months.

A number of utility companies require a deposit. Some do not if you have a track record of a good payment history, but do not forget that there are fees associated with the initial hookup or activating a service.

If your new home is an apartment, you’ll be required to pay first and last month’s rent prior to moving in. This does not include renting a storage facility for personal items. Some apartment complexes have storage space you may use as a tenant, which may help reduce additional expenses, but keep in mind that these are often not heavily protected against theft.

If you require a storage facility, use a telephone book to find out the monthly cost for various sizes. You should also be able to determine the location that best suits your needs. Some prefer a facility, which is closer to their home. Others appreciate the proximity closer to work.

The services which you will need to turn on include, electricity, gas, garbage, water, telephone, and cable TV. Garbage and water are the only ones that usually do not require a deposit.

If you have a large quantity of items to move, you may need to hire a professional moving company. If your move is local, it is suggested to move as many things as you can yourself. The cost for a moving company is typically billable by day or by hour and can easily be as high as $1,500.

If you decide to move your personal belongings on your own, you still may need to rent a trailer or moving truck. Most truck rental companies will rent by the day, so be sure to have everything boxed up and organized before you pick up the truck.

If you have children and they will not be living with you, you will need a place for them to sleep on your days of visitation. If you are in the usual circumstance of every other weekend, your children will sleep at your residence 4 nights out of the month. If they are to sleep at your house versus a relative or friend’s, you will need another room or place for them to sleep. This means you will probably be paying for extra space with no usage for 24 to 27 days out of the month.

Many individuals forget to change their address. Bank statements and insurance policies should be notified of your new address as soon as possible. Many times these companies do not make the proper adjustments on their records, so be sure to follow up. Make a complete list of all companies and people you have corresponded with over the past year. If you have not heard from these companies within one month?s time, call them to check the status of your address change.

Companies you should contact include, but are not limited to, insurance (car, life, health), stockbroker, DMV, bank, credit cards, state tax board, Internal Revenue Service.

Before you take the plunge, take a good hard look at the cost of dissolving your marriage. It may not be worth it. There are other options to take if your situation appears to be financially and emotionally disparaging.

Information provided by:
Divorce Support Staff