My ex-husband quit his job in order to get a graduate degree in business. Will this permit him to pay less child support?

Your ex-husband may be able to request a modification of his child support burden, at least for the time that he attends graduate school. He would have to demonstrate that he entered school in a good faith effort of a career change, and not as a pretext to avoid paying child support. Some states and judges look favorably on this good faith effort, while other states and judges do not. If your ex-husband does receive a modification, it is likely that it would be only temporary, limited to the time that he is in graduate school.

On the other hand, once your ex-husband leaves graduate school and receives what he hopes will be a better paying job, you can ask for an upward modification, since the child is entitled to share in your ex-husbandís improved financial standing - the "status principle" doctrine at work again.