My ex-wife has a good job and a substantial income. Why does she need my money for child support?

All states require both parents to provide economic support for their child(ren), even if it is only a little. The "equality of duty doctrine" means that each parent is responsible to provide some support for the child(ren), not that the amount of support should be equal. It is the duty, not the dollars, that is equal.

One should also remember that the custodial parent doesn’t receive child support for him or herself, but rather on behalf of the children, to be used for the support of the children. As an obligor, you are not giving your ex-wife money, you are giving your children the money, with your ex-wife as the adult responsible for distributing the money appropriately. The court often hears the custodial parent is not spending all the child support on the child(ren). There is much to be said about this situation, because it is very difficult to trace the use of every penny. Before making such an accusation to the custodial parent or to the court, the paying parent (obligor) should understand that a certain percentage of the support may be contributed to the household expenses of the custodial parent, which are mutually shared between that parent and the child(ren).